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For exploring Paris without a guide

This app help get you started on exploring Paris with suggested routes of different themes and also a quiz to kill time when you're bored. Worth checking out this app if you're headed to Paris for the sights !

Great app

I'm a Paris native and I'm in love with this app. It's just super! All the sights and some more

Great info

I am big on discovering new places and getting the local opinion on things to do. This app had great info on the things to explore.

Great app

Really nice and useful app! Highly recommend!


I found myself in situation, when I was in Europe and My internet roaming is so expensive, so the best way was to download an app and use it offline! That is so simple, but it saves you a lot!!!


Beautifully designed and very helpful for a trip to France. The offline mode will definitely be a plus!

Very useful

The app is just great. In fact all of the other guides from this app maker are also very good. The nice, clean and easy to understand interface and very useful. There is however a very small cost for offline access but totally worth it. Download and check it out for yourself.

Love it

Love Paris or visiting? You got to get this app. I got it for my first time there and it made it fun to travel around and see everything Paris has to offer


I have been planning a trip to Paris soon and this app has been helpful in planning beforehand. There is a lot of useful information of various monuments and different offers each place has. The offline capability is key when wifi or data are not options.

Best Paris travel guide

It is very useful - you can download and use offline data. A lot of info - illustrations, descriptions, maps. Well done!

perfect for tourists

this app is perfect for use as guide in sightseeing and touring paris. a must have for any travel bug.


I am totally amazed with this ap. I visited Paris several times in the past years and this is the first time I feel I have really seen the city. How they did this I don't know but keep it up! I can't wait to check out the other cities. I get the history, the picture, everything I need to determine whether I want to visit or just tale a picture. I have discovered places I did not know were in the area. Check this one out it is really worth it!!!

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